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DEEP DROP Fishing Tackle

Specialist deep drop fishing tackle; Custom made deep drop rigs and fishing rods, Deep drop weights and fishing lights, 3-way swivels, luminous octopus skirts.

Welcome to our collection of specialist deep drop fishing tackle. Our range includes, custom-made deep drop fishing rigs and rods meticulously crafted to withstand the rigors of deep-water battles. Our inventory boasts a variety of deep drop weights and large sinkers, ensuring your bait reaches the depths where the big catches lurk.

Illuminate the depths with our deep water fishing lights, enhancing visibility and attracting curious predators. Our selection of 3-way swivels, sleeve (bran) swivels, lumo sleeves and tubing provides plenty of versatility and quality gear for rigging. For added allure, explore our luminous octopus skirts, squids and lights designed to entice even the most cautious of deep-sea dwellers. Whether you're a seasoned deep drop enthusiast or a novice exploring the depths for the first time, our comprehensive range of tackle ensures you're equipped for success on every expedition.