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Wellsys skirted trolling lures conveniently packaged into sets for targetting all game fish species including, marlin, tuna, mahi mahi and wahoo! Wellsys custom made teaser lures.

A selection of high quality,well proven, and exceptional value skirted game fishing lures. Dressed in some of our most popular skirt colour combinations to target all pelagic species including tuna, marlin, sailfish, mahi mahi, wahoo and spanish mackeral. A fully rigged lure set is the perfect place to start when you're new to the game and looking for a "starter pack". They also make a great gift.  Optional rigging is available to suit medium and heavy tackle game fishing requirements. Teaser lures magnify the attraction of a single lure.They can be run as a single lure on their own rigged with a hook or as part of a spread without a hook to act as a teaser only.   N.B See "Wellsys Skirted Lures" to purchase individual lures.